Elementary | Pre-K - 5th

We offer different types of Elementary School field trips for Pre-K through 5th grade, including in-person Classroom Programs, Guided Tours and self-led Scavenger Hunts. Find the one that fits your needs!

Classroom Programs

Bring your students to the Prospect Park Zoo and have one of our talented educators lead your class through an hour-long wild experience. Programs are designed to meet appropriate learning standards in a way everyone is sure to enjoy: exploring wildlife, meeting an animal, and engaging in an active learning environment.

Sensing Nature & Our Environment

Classroom Program | Grades PreK-2nd

Your students will use their senses to explore the diversity of the natural world in a wild space here at the zoo! They will create a collection of natural objects differing in color, texture, sound, and smell, exploring how they fit into our ecosystem. After exploring plants and the environment outside students will move inside to meet an animal up close!

Peak Price March-August: $200/class; Off Peak Price Sept-Feb: $175/class

Incredible Insects

Classroom Program | Grades K-5th

Your class will use observation, hands-on exploration, and dramatic play in this program dedicated to invertebrates and insects. Your students will learn about anatomy, life cycles, and the many important roles that insects play on our planet. Your students will get up-close with insects in the zoo classroom and meet an animal that eats insects in the wild!

Peak Price March-August: $200/class; Off Peak Price Sept-Feb: $175/class

Magnificent Mammals

Classroom Program | Grades K-5th

In this class your students explore the unique adaptations of mammals. Using observation, senses, and imagination, your students will investigate what traits make a mammal a mammal. The workshop experience includes meeting a furry friend up close and a special trip to the barn where students will get to feed some of the zoo’s most beloved mammals!

Peak Price March-August: $200/class; Off Peak Price Sept-Feb: $175/class

Jr. Scientists

Classroom Program | Grades 1st-5th

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists use observations to help answer questions and so can you! Your junior scientists will practice their observation and question-forming skills while meeting an animal in a zoo classroom. Students will then venture into the zoo with their field journals to practice making observations, asking questions, and proposing a hypothesis. This program is a great way to introduce the scientific process for a project-based investigation or science fair.

Peak Price March-August: $200/class; Off Peak Price Sept-Feb: $175/class

Animal Behavior & Enrichment

Classroom Program | Grade 5

Zoos provide their animals with behavioral enrichments, such as new smells, toys, and foods, to enhance the animal's physical and mental well-being. In this program, students will observe animal behavior both up close in the classroom and in the zoo and design, build, and help deliver their own enrichment items to one of our exhibit species. During this experience, students will practice using ethogram charts to map changes in animal behavior.

Peak Price March-August: $200/class; Off Peak Price Sept-Feb: $175/class

Build Your Own Field Trips

Build your own field trip at the Prospect Park Zoo! From Adaptations to Ecosystem Dynamics, Inheritance & Variation to Nature in Art, one of our experienced educators will customize the activities for your group.

Build-Your-Own Field Trip (PreK-8th grade)

Build Your Own Field Trip| Grades PreK-8th

Want to meet and animal and have a guided tour? Just let us know what you're studying and we'll tailor the experience for your group. All programs will include an up-close animal encounter, a trip to the exhibits, and activities that correspond to your curriculum.

Price: $300/class

Guided Tours & Scavenger Hunts

Guided Tours

Explore the Prospect Park Zoo with an expert Expedition Leader volunteer as your guide!

Price: $175/ peak $150/off-peak

Scavenger Hunts

Take a self-guided science adventure where your class will explore exhibits together!

Price $150



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