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As early as 1890, there was a small menagerie in Prospect Park and in 1935, the Prospect Park Zoo opened on its current site. The Wildlife Conservation Society assumed management of the zoo in 1988, and after a closure for a full renovation, reopened the park on October 5, 1993. It was designed to allow up-close animal viewing, perfect for families with young children who want to learn about wildlife.

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12 Acres

Prospect Park Zoo is comprised of 12 acres in Prospect Park

1st To Propagate Chinese-big headed Turtles

Prospect Park Zoo was the first AZA accredited zoo to propagate Chinese-big headed turtles

400 Animals

Prospect Park Zoo is home to nearly 400 animals of 150 species

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Whether you’re making a day of Prospect Park, or just taking a quick trip to the zoo, our location in Brooklyn makes it a great destination for animal lovers. Escape the city as you explore the Discovery Trail encountering red panda, dingo, and a host of beautiful birds. Or visit some unique small cats -- the Pallas’s cats (the original grumpy cats) and black-footed cats. And make sure to take in a sea lion feeding while you take a break for your own lunch. There’s always a way to connect with the natural world at the zoo.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s network of five urban wildlife parks headquartered at Bronx Zoo have inspired and educated more than 400 million guests since first opening. We hope you'll visit soon and experience it for yourself!

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