Seeing Triple

July 29, 2014

The latest additions to the zoo are otterly adorable — triplet North American river otter pups.

The river otter triplets recently born at the Zoo were not born with their good looks. All three males came into the world toothless and with their eyes closed, before they started to consume solid food at around two or three months old. Generally, this is the age this social species is introduced to the water and adapts to its semi-aquatic lifestyle.

Zoo Director Denise McClean believes the newcomers are an important addition. “North American river otters are a species whose range includes New York,” she said, “and these three new Brooklynites provide an opportunity for us to educate people about the importance of keeping local waters and ecosystems in good health.”

The young otters, whose natural range also includes the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, can be seen charming guests on the Discovery Trail.

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